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What is bloxx.it?
bloxx.it is planet friendly headache-resistant cryptocurrency holding and spending. It's a lightweight wallet for bitcoinClean
Is bloxx.it safe?
Is it safe for everything?
No, nothing is. It is suitable for everyday amounts, if you check that your web site address is https://bloxx.it and not some kind of typo version, and you are using a reasonably safe computer to access it. For lifechanging amounts, use a full node
What is a passphrase?
The passphrase is used to unlock your wallet. Do not share it.
Should I really unlock a wallet on a web site?
Most of the time, no. For bloxx.it, yes- if (1) you checked that your web site address is https://bloxx.it and not some kind of typo version, and (2) you trust us when we say that your passphrase never leaves your computer, and (3) you are reasonably sure your computer was not hacked.
How can I be reasonably sure my computer was not hacked?
Always keep your operating system up to date, only install software you trust because it is widely considered reputable, and keep a seperate computer if you want to run games and the like.
Does my passphrase get sent over the internet when I use bloxx.it?
No, your passphrase never leaves your computer when you use bloxx.it. If you are technically inclined or know someone who is, you can monitor all the traffic coming from your browser when you are using bloxx.it. We only send transactions that you tell us to send.
Is bloxx.it vulnerable to phishing?
Yes, all web sites are. Make sure your browser address is https://bloxx.it and not some kind of typo version of that, and that you are using your own computer.
Can I lose my coins if my computer gets hacked?
Yes. Make sure your operating system is up-to-date, and never install any software you don't have a good reason to trust.
Should I ever login from a computer I don't trust?
No, never. If you do this often enough, someone will eventually steal your coins. Use your own equipment, and keep it safe. If you use a friend's equipment, ask yourself if you would trust them to hold everything in your wallet and keep their computers safe.
Can I access bloxx.it on my phone or tablet?
Yes, bloxx.it is fully responsive and quite usable on phones and tablets. The same precautions apply as with computers: Install your system updates, and don't install any software you don't fully trust. In other words, if you have dozens of silly little games on your phone, you probably shouldn't also use bloxx.it on the same device. Keep the thing clean. It is further recommended to use some kind of password manager that you trust on phones and tablets, and it is also recommended to use device encryption. Do not store your passphrase unencrypted on your phone, such as in your contacts or text messages. Someone will eventually steal your coins if you do this.
Should I store my life savings on bloxx.it?
No, bloxx.it and all online wallets are for everyday amounts only. Run a full node and learn how to properly backup your wallet.dat file for lifechanging amounts.
Don't you support hardware wallets?
No, and we never will. Hardware wallets of any kind are not recommended because they represent a closed system that is impossible to audit and control, and they are a single point of failure. Instead, for maximum security, use a dedicated laptop computer, a full node, and good backup and encryption practices.
Which amount justifies using a full node instead of bloxx.it?
That depends on your situation. As a general guideline, if the amount you are storing is lifechanging, then use a full node. If it would really suck to lose an amount, but you could absorb the loss if you really had to, bloxx.it is fine- if you always check that the URL is https://bloxx.it before logging in, and you only log in on computers you trust.
What should I do if I realize I did something risky?
Create a new wallet, write down the passphrase twice, then move all your coins to the new wallet and stop using the old one.
How do I recover my coins if I lose my passphrase?
You cannot recover your coins if you lose your passphrase. Take precautions- store your passphrase in a password manager on your computer, and as a backup, write it down on paper or print it. Use at least two, better three of these safe ways to store your passphrase. Be your own password recovery.
I cannot recover my coins if I forgot my passphrase?
No. We're sorry.
Why not?
Because, if we would offer a way to recover your coins if you lost your password, we would also have to hold your password. That's what banks do. That's not what cryptocurrency does. You need to store your password in at least two seperate locations that only you or people you trust with your funds have access to to avoid losing your funds. This responsibility is, in a very direct way, the price you pay for your independance from banks.
How large should my fees be?
We recommend starting really low for some test transactions and see if they go through fast enough for you. Increase as required.
Why are 1% fees the default?
It's cheaper than a credit card transaction but enough to make sure your transaction goes through quickly in a wide variety of circumstances.
When I send BCL with myself paying the fee, the transaction fee is not exactly the percentage I entered
bloxx.it calculates the fee percentage on whatever goes out of your account. If you cover the fee, that's a larger transaction, and that needs a larger fee to give you a consistent transaction speed. You are always free to enter a lower percentage, but that will also give you less transaction speed. Doing it this way makes sure that 1% paid by the sender gives you the same speed as 1% paid by the recipient.
Do I *absolutely have to* enter my passphrase into a web site in order to use bitcoinClean?
No. You can visit bloxx.it, use your browesr's "Save as..." feature to save bloxx.it on your computer deskop, and it's yours to use forever, independant of bloxx.it. Then you have absolutely no connection with the bloxx.it servers whatsoever- just with the block explorer to check balance and submit transactions. If you don't like that either- run a full node.